Swimming Feather Star. 

Swimming Feather Star. 

Feather Stars are known as ‘unstalked Crinoids’, as other Crinoids have a stalk that attaches them to the sea floor and closely resemble terrestrial plants like ferns or lilies. 

Feather Stars use their feather like arms to capture plankton and other sources of nutrition that drifts throughout the water.

Via Caters Clips and professional diver, Els van den Eijnden, from the Netherlands, who spotted the Feather Star on a dive in Thailand.

A map depicting how territorial wolf packs a…

A map depicting how territorial wolf packs are by utilizing their GPS locations. 

This data is via the Voyageurs Wolf Project, which studies wolves and their prey during the summer around Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota.

Voyageurs Wolf Project explained that: “Each wolf’s collar took locations every 20 min (with the exception of the northernmost pack which took locations every 4 hr starting in October) for the duration of the summer. The last photo of the post shows the name and territory of each pack. There are a few packs that we have had collared in the past 2 years that we were not able to get GPS-collars on this year.”

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