Rob is the founder of McDojo Life, broadcast…

Rob is the founder of McDojo Life, broadcaster and a martial arts veteran with over 22 years experience across multiple disciplines.

👇👇Ep20: Rob from McDojo Life👇👇👇👇

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“Keeping Martial Arts Legit”

Today, Konner and Rob chat the motivations behind McDojos, ranging from the thought process of the perpetrator themselves, to the cult like mentality that their followers seem to attain.

Rob discusses how women’s self defence classes are deceitful and downright hazardous, and why the mentality of ‘something is better than nothing’ is not a wise choice in the world of combat.

Lastly, the guys talk about the beauty of martial arts, what it can do for a person mentally, physically, spiritually, and how we can best teach and inform those who are interested in a journey within the world of self defence and combat disciplines.

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