Quick announcement to make!

Tumblr user @deepesttheoristlady​ asked me a little while back if there was any way she could contribute to this blog and, as such, is in the process of writing a few posts on various topics that she’s familiar with. So a big thanks to her for all her help!

Her first post is on ferromagnetic semiconductors, and will be posted later today. I did some minor editing on the wording and selected the tags and whatnot, but the post is hers – there will be a line on the bottom of the post crediting her. If you have any questions on the topic, she’d be the one to ask!

(Side note: if anyone else wants to contribute, feel free to message me at any time, or just use the submit button to send something in.)

Thanks to all the awesome followers of this blog – the ones who comment, ask questions, volunteer their help, or simply just scroll through enjoying the content!

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