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Watch your money glow

In 2016, hoping to decrease the amount of counterfeit money
in their economy, the government of India began issuing new bank notes, like
these ₹200 notes. They created the notes with some built-in anti-counterfeiting
features. Bidyut Das, a PhD student at Cotton University in the lab of Abdul
Wahab, usually uses the lab’s ultraviolet-light chamber to look at fluorescent
dyes he’s studying for high-efficiency solar cells, but this time he chose to check
out one of the notes’ security features: a variety of fluorescent dyes used to
print images on the bill and its security ribbon. When placed under ultraviolet
light (top), he could see designs and words not visible under normal light.

Submitted by Bidyut Das (fluorescing note); Credit:
Shutterstock (visible light note)

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